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Webinar: Learn how to comply with changing nutrient regulations 

Live Case Study: DE NORA TETRA filters help Arlington, VA meet nutrient regulations

The largest estuary in the United States and the third largest in the world, the Chesapeake Bay has been significantly impacted by the activities of more than 13 million people in the region. Nitrogen and phosphorous pollution due to population growth has caused a serious ecological challenge to the Chesapeake Bay and other lakes, rivers, and estuaries around the country.

Join us on September 23 for a discussion on nutrient removal – why it’s becoming such a necessity and how it’s being addressed. We’ll meet Kacey King-McRae, Operations Specialist at Water Pollution Control Bureau (WPCB) in Arlington, Virginia. The treatment plant, just outside DC, discharges to the Potomac River and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. In 2010, when they underwent a $526 million upgrade, they stayed a step ahead of anticipated regulations by adding 17 new denitrification filters. Ten years later, Kacey talks live with De Nora’s Stan Shmia about WPCB’s experience with the nutrient removal process and their DE NORA TETRA® Denite® denitrification systems, which continue to provide effective, reliable biological nutrient removal.

Download the Case Study and/or Watch the Webinar from September 23!


Why Attend:

  1. Learn about regulations around nitrate and phosphorus removal and how to stay in compliance
  2. Hear first-hand from an operations specialist at an award-winning facility
  3. Gain insight into DE NORA TETRA denitrification system
  4. Pose your own questions directly to Kacey King-McRae, a licensed process professional using denitrification filtration systems every day


Who Should Attend the webinar:

  • Consulting engineers
  • end users/operators of municipal wastewater facilities
  • EPC firms.
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For more than 50 years, DE NORA TETRA DeepBed filtration technologies have been polishing municipal wastewater effluent to reuse standards and/or regulatory discharge limits in hundreds of locations worldwide with minimal intervention. For potable water applications, De Nora ozone and biological filtration technologies are combined to provide advanced filtration, oxidizing micropollutants to treat contaminants of emerging concern while mitigating disinfection byproduct formation.

Watch the Webinar & Download the Case Study Today!

DE NORA TETRA biological filters provide robust biological filtration for nutrient removal in tertiary filtration. DE NORA TETRA Denite denitrification systems biologically reduce soluble nitrate to nitrogen gas and enhance performance with phosphorus and TSS removal (total suspended solids removal) in a single-stage process. The Snap T® block underdrain filters provide a unique non-clogging underdrain for heavily-loaded applications.

Interview with Zahid Yousaf about De Nora TETRA


Arlington VA WCPB team discusses the overall problems that DE NORA TETRA solved for their area.


Interview with Kofi Antwi about De Nora TETRA


Interview with Kacey King McRae about the benefits of choosing the right technology, like DE NORA TETRA.

Watch the Webinar & Download the Case Study Today!



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