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Webinar: Tackling CECs: Experience + Technology for the Win

Multi-barrier Treatment Approaches to CECs

Today’s water treatment plants are faced with unprecedented treatment challenges as the modern chemistry that has been providing the comforts and conveniences we love – from cookware coatings to beautifying cosmetics to lawn enhancers - catches up with us. PFAS “forever chemicals” are making headlines. Pharmaceutical micropollutants and common pesticides are showing up in drinking water. The world is watching as regulations are enacted to mitigate the known – and unknown – consequences of contaminants of emerging concern (CEC). These complex contaminants demand a multi-barrier approach, scientific research, proven technologies, and application expertise if we hope to successfully tackle the effects of CEC.

Download the Case Study and
Watch the Webinar from October 6th!

Why Attend:

1. Understand more about contaminants of emerging concern
2. Learn about viable treatment options and solutions on the horizon
3. Hear about first-hand experiences with CEC treatment
4. Find out why piloting is important and how to do it

Who Should Attend the webinar:

  • Consulting engineers
  • end users/operators of municipal wastewater facilities
  • EPC firms.
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Emerging issues and evolving regulations require expertise in diverse water treatment applications to close the process knowledge gap. Getting the right treatment solution while balancing out budget constrictions and keeping operating expenses in check with low-maintenance solutions. Join us on October 6 when we’ll discuss how multi-barrier technologies combined with deep process knowledge and piloting expertise are addressing the world’s most complex constituents of emerging concern in potable water and wastewater, including

• 1,4-Dioxane
• Pharmaceutical micropollutants
• Pesticides
• Disinfection Byproducts including THMs, HAAs, NDMA, Bromate

Download the Case Study and Watch the Webinar Today

De Nora has hundreds of operating installations worldwide that have been in place for decades. On October 6, we’ll share results - and challenges! –from advanced oxidation process (AOP) using UV-OX or ultraviolet and ozone disinfection and other technologies that have demonstrated success in tackling CECs.

De Nora applies a full range of solutions to a spectrum of contaminants. With decades of experience around the world, De Nora experts have the insight to address contaminants of concern by combining proven technologies like O3 AOP and UV AOP for a multi-barrier solution. Equipment and process design expertise includes piloting capability to ensure the right treatment solution for each unique – and often variable - application. For drinking water, wastewater, and water reuse, De Nora treatment technologies can lower operating expenses while offering guaranteed performance to meet regulatory standards. Learn more on October 6, 2021.

Download the Case Study and Watch the Webinar Today
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