Better Water, Better Steel

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Water quality in steel manufacturing can impact final product quality. Learn how to maximize filtration performance, reliability and longevity

Water is a critical component for the production of steel. It is used in high volume across many stages of the production process and the implications of poor quality water are wide reaching on both the quality of steel produced as well as the throughput and operation of the facility itself.

This webinar will review water filtration and disinfection for cooling water in steel production and will focus on the how different technologies can be used for treatment of water across different process areas. Real case studies will be presented of how operators have successfully employed these technologies.  

Who should attend?

  • Steel producing companies (operations, environmental, maintenance and utilities functions)
  • Engineering consultants

Why you need to attend

  • Learn about solutions that can help to increase your run times and reduce down time
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Find solutions for your water treatment applications, including notoriously difficult to treat contaminants