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SANILEC® TRP Seawater Electrochlorination (SWEC) System

A new, proactive solution to biofouling prevention, the SANILEC TRP seawater electrochlorination (SWEC) system is the efficient, safe, low-maintenance technology for marine biofouling prevention in offshore oil & gas, offshore wind power generation, and coastal power applications. Marine growth reduces your system’s efficiency, leads to equipment damage, and compromises safety. Unplanned maintenance greatly impacts your bottom line. The self-cleaning cell in the new SANILEC TRP hypochlorite generator minimizes operation and maintenance requirements to reduce operating expenses and increase safety.
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Learn how self-cleaning cells optimize performance, reduce maintenance, and reduce operating costs!


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With nearly 100 years of electrochemistry experience and anodic coating development, De Nora introduces its latest innovation – a truly self-cleaning SWEC cell.

SANILEC® TRP seawater electrochlorination systems use a simple and straightforward electrolytic process, combining two common consumables (seawater and electricity) to economically and safely generate critical sodium hypochlorite solution, for the marine, offshore and industrial market. As with other similar technologies and existing De Nora SANILEC systems, the electrodes require chemical cleaning to maintain and extend their service life. Our patented self-cleaning technology eliminates the need to purchase, store, and handle hazardous chemicals for maintenance – a true cost savings benefit to your bottom line.

Fire Water Systems
De Nora SWEC systems produce sodium hypochlorite for continuous dosing of jockey pump caissons and for intermittent shock dosing of fire water pump caissons. Shock dosing keeps the fire water pump caissons clean and free from macrofouling while also ensuring the fire water main loop is algae and slime-free.

Cooling Water
In applications where seawater is used for cooling, biofouling and marine growth reduce the efficiency and life of the process equipment and increases the frequency of maintenance. A De Nora SWEC system receives seawater at a fixed flowrate and produces low-strength sodium hypochlorite that can be injected at any point within the vessel.

Why SANILEC TRP systems?

• Optimum self-cleaning cell design
• Minimal operation and maintenance requirements
• Once-through flow design eliminating recycle requirements
• Customized layout to meet site-specific requirements
• Guaranteed lowest power consumption
• Guaranteed active life of DSA® electrodes
• Long operating life with minimal downtime
• Control system ensures proper and safe operation
• Eliminates need for chemical cleaning
• Low-strength sodium hypochlorite solution is non-hazardous, safe and easy to handle
• Automatic operation eliminating the potential for operator error
• Safe hydrogen removal process

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