Produced Water Recycling in Unconventional Oil and Gas Applications

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Produced Water Recycling in Unconventional Oil and Gas Markets

Water is a critical component for the production of hydrocarbon resources, with millions of barrels used on a daily basis in hydraulic fracturing operations. Facing factors such as increasing costs with freshwater sourcing, the ever increasing volume of produced water present as a result of unconventional oil and gas production, and more stringent limits on injectability in salt water disposal wells, the industry is starting to look at produced water as a valuable resource as opposed to an operational waste product. This webinar will review the water lifecycle in unconventional oil and gas production and will focus on the how electrochlorination can be used as the key component of the treatment and recycling of produced water. Real case studies will be presented of how operators have successfully treated produced water using of leading-edge technology and how electrochlorination not only provides a safety benefit to an already hazardous environment but can also deliver oxidation chemistry for less than $0.02/bbl in most cases.

Who should attend?

  • Water managers for Exploration and Production companies.
  • Owners and operators of midstream water treatment systems and infrastructure.
  • Salt Water Disposal well owners and operators.
  • Water focused oilfield service companies.

Why you need to attend

  • Learn about electrochlorination and how it fits into upstream and midstream water treatment processes.
  • Understand more about recycling produced water and your options
  • Reduce your operating costs associated with water management