Exploring Ozone and AOP for Micropollutant Removal

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Exploring ozone and AOP for micropollutants

Micropollutants including drugs and pharmaceutical residuals and 1,4-dioxane are an increasing concern in water treatment because traditional wastewater treatment can miss these contaminants that pose a serious human health concern. Join us as we explore how ozone treats non-biodegradable micropollutants that can be missed in traditional treatment processes, transforming them from harmful substances into more biodegradable materials that are absorbed and decomposed on the biological activated filter.

Why you need to attend

  • Understand what micropollutants are and how they are regulated in the water treatment sector
  • Understand the implications of micropollutants, particularly pharmaceutical residuals and 1,4-dioxane
  • Review traditional treatment methods and why most aren’t effective against micropollutants
  • Explore ozone as an effective treatment option, particularly when used together with other technologies
  • Ultimately – stay ahead of the regulatory curve

Speaker biography: Alex Bettinardi

Product Technology Manager, De Nora

Alex Bettinardi has six years of experience dedicated to ion exchange and adsorption technologies for water treatment.  As product manager for De Nora’s ozone and AOP treatment portfolio, Alex uses this experience to translate a customer’s need for contaminant removal into effective, and practical solutions.  To support his efforts, Alex has the backing of De Nora’s decades of experience in providing world class ozone system designs.