Innovative water and wastewater treatment for offshore oil and gas operations

Water plays a vital role in the operations for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Compliance with environmental standards for the discharge of marine sewage is a regulatory requirement for all operators. Other vital water treatment concerns on drilling rigs and production facilities include safety, minimizing sludge handling and ensuring the efficient operation of their infrastructure by eliminating biofouling and ultimately maximizing uptime.

Remote and sometimes limited space for an operating environment requires reliability and proven technology with a small footprint. Join De Nora for the first in this webinar series covering Innovative water and wastewater treatment for offshore oil and gas operations.

A short of list of Offshore Oil and Gas Water and Wastewater Treatment -related topics that you will learn about:

  • A high-level overview where water treatment is required in offshore oil and gas rigs
  • An understanding of offshore sewage treatment:
    • What are the options for compliance?
    • How Electrolytic technology compares to other solutions
    • New? innovations for solids handling
    • Is dilution the solution for compliance?
  • An overview of offshore biofouling control:
    • What is biofouling?
    • Technology options and how they compare
    • How to design your facility with efficiency and safety in mind.
      • Process automation
      • Remote monitoring
      • Redundancy
      • Why automated biofouling control is important to the safety of offshore personnel
    • New innovations designed around operator safety
      • Preventative maintenance for EC equipment
        • Acid cleaning
      • SANILEC TRP vs other self-cleaning technologies
      • How a true self-cleaning biofouling system eliminates routine cleaning with acid