Electrolytic Marine Sewage Treatment vs. Traditional Biological Treatment

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Electrolytic Marine Sewage Treatment vs. Traditional Biological Treatment

While there are many options in the marketplace today, there are some notable distinguishing elements between them. This webinar presents an overview of the various treatment options available for the Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas space and compares them to the electrolytic type.

Why you need to attend

  • Learn about the various options available for marine sewage treatment
  • Understand the implications of selecting different technology types for your operations
  • Ensure you stay compliant with ever-changing IMO regulations
  • Ultimately – stay ahead of the regulatory curve while maintaining compliance

Speaker biography: Dana Casbeer

Product Manager, De Nora

Dana Casbeer is a dynamic Product Manager with 23+ years of experience in portfolio management/NPD and 30 yrs total offshore O&G equipment supply experience. Results-focused, with a passion to execute new product development and drive market visibility across multi-sector markets, Casbeer succeeds in extending product line lifecycles through innovations and new patentable aspects including notable industry-specific Patents filed.

Casbeer holds a BS Mechanical Engineering Technology and proven experience in packaged system design, process and piping systems and hazardous area protection methods. Casbeer's specific industry knowledge extends from electrolytic marine and offshore wastewater treatment, packaged sampling and process systems and skid mounted process equipment designs.