Digitalization: Service Beyond the Field 

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Digitalization: service beyond the field.

In the days of COVID, travel has new challenges, making it difficult to support business operations where water equipment is used. This has created a new reality, where operators need to consider how to ensure the safety and health of the people in their organization and embrace new ways of working, even as the world starts to re-open. How can we ensure our operations remain seamless, even in a pandemic and beyond?

Join us for a webinar to learn about ways to work with your water treatment equipment supplier to ensure continuity and effective operation of your assets

Who should attend?

Anyone using, installing or specifying water treatment equipment as part of their operations, including municipal water and power gen operators; industrial /processing facility managers; offshore oil & gas operators, maritime operators, engineering contractors, manufacturers’ representatives.

Why you need to attend

  • Learn about new digital innovations to help support your business
  • Ensure continuity of your operations
  • Overcome issues with travel restrictions
  • Experience a live demonstration of online customer support for a real installation
  • Understand how your vendors can deliver even more value for your business
  • Learn about how customer service is evolving in De Nora