Cooling Water Disinfection 

Legionella control like you've never seen before

Industrial and commercial operations can face a number of serious problems due to bacterial biofilms growing in process water systems and cooling tower waters. Biofilm-induced corrosion, mechanical blockages and impedance of heat transfer processes result in huge monetary losses each year. In engineered systems, additional risks of biofilm-mediated contamination include negative public health consequences and product spoilage.

Mixed oxidant solution is a simple, cost-effective oxidising biocide that provides enhancements to biofilm control strategies. A proprietary blend of sodium hypochlorite and other oxidant generated in a MIOX® on-site generator from De Nora, the mixed oxidant solution is generated on site through an electrolysis process using salt, water and an electrolytic cell. This chlorine-based product of electrolysis has clearly exhibited the ability to remove biofilm, unlike traditional chlorination technologies.

Why choose mixed oxidant generators?

  • Meets standards for Legionella control including HSG274 in the UK
  • Just three ingredients: salt, water, and electricity
  • No harmful or damaging chemicals to the environment
  • Optimized performance and consistent production when you need it
  • Costs pennies per gallon; save thousands on disinfectant costs per year
  • Safe, reliable and sustainable solution
  • Use your existing infrastructure

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